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Recycling Reservations: Tickets to a Cleaner, Healthier Community Through B.R.A. ™

HOLD A B.R.A. ™ RECYCLING Collection Event, in your community and Raise Money for your Girl Scout Troupe and Council.  You’ll receive an Event Kit with COLLECTION bin, POSTERS, recycling Mailing envelopes, and pre-paid RETURN BAGS.

Recycling bras to reduce landfill, pollution and waste; Create carpet cushion and a market for recycled bras For more information about HOW-IT-WORKS visit our homepage and video @
  • Sell a Reservation Ticket
  • Create a bra collection event
  • Ship-in recyled bras and reduce landfill and waste
  • Girl Scouts creat e a market for recycled bras, which are turned into carpet cushion by Leggett & Platt

Skills learned:
  • Goal Setting - number of bras to recycle
  • Decision Making - where and when to have event
  • Money Management - ticket sales/envelope sales
  • People Skills - explaining the good of reducing waste in your community
  • Business Ethics - recycling, a part of corporate responsibility
Now, the Girl Scouts can choose a B.R.A.(tm) recycling Program to help FUND RAISE for the Girl scouts as well as recycle underwire steel for a donation to breast cancer research.
  • Each girl can sell RECYCLING TICKETS to their community, which helps pay for recycling, sorting, handling and freight.
  • When you click here to Order Tickets, (click here) you will be prompted to choose LOCATIONS for your event.  We suggest 4-6 weeks from the day you sell tickets, to your COLLECTION EVENT. (SAMPLE TICKETS AND EVENT POSTERS on the link.
  • ONCE you sell your tickets, you will go online to finalize your TOTALs and receive your e-RECYCLING MAILING LABELS, along with Kits for your Collection Event(s).
  • IN your kit WILL BE pre-paid Bra Bags for shipping, along with additional recycling envelopes to sell for last minute recycling visitors.
  • YOU should receive additional funds on THE DAY OF YOUR EVENT. Simply re-visit our link, and send the FINAL TALLY. The funds help pay for recycling, with an allocation for your Troupe and Council.

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