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It is said, that 80% of women, wear the wrong bra size. I guess, we lose weight, gain weight or distribution changes.


Or,  the bras in your closet are just getting tired – things wear out over time and it’s TIME-TO-SAY-GOODBYE.


Kathleen Kirkwood, the founder of the B.R.A., would like to offer you the choice, to recycle your old bra. Trashing it, (in the past), just brings your bra to Landfill –


1. Pulverize the bra.
2. Extract the steel underwire and sell it, for a donation to Breast Cancer Research.
3. Take the bra ‘fluff’, and make it into RED CARPET cushion for VIP and celebrity events.

OK ladies...Sing along with me…Don’t Burn Your Bra; RECYCLE IT!™

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