Custom B.R.A. Recycling Collection Bin


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Offer a Customized (Private Label/your logo + image) B.R.A. Recycling bin to encourage customers to visit your store, when ready to ‘Say-Goodbye’ to their old bra’s.

Use the occassion, to suggest a BRA Re-Fit and help your customer find her right size.

Women will find your B.R.A. Recycling bin a welcome solution to their DRAWERS STUFFED (OVERSTUFFED), with bra’s they don’t wear!

An empty lingerie drawer, is a good thing to Re-fill 🙂

  • The bin is 18″ x 18″ x 36″
  • Hold approximately 100 bra’s
  • Includes one PREPAID UPS ship label to recycling plant
  • 12″ swatch of BRA recycled CARPET CUSHION to display
  • (Optional) Your link on our webpage “RETAILERS” that offer BRA RECYCLING


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