B.R.A. Custom Downloadable Permit With Custom Landing Page


Create a Circular Fashion Trade-In Campaign using the B.R.A. Patent Pending Method and License Logo. This package includes:

  • A Customized Downloadable B.R.A. Certified Permit.
  • A Custom URL With Your Own Landing Page to Collect Customer Data
  • Your Marketing Dept. will receive Premier R.O.I. with accountable reporting on Click-Thru and Signups.
  • Add Your Custom Landing Page Link to any product/page on your website to PROMOTE Your Sustainability Policy
  • Post on all Your Social Platforms 24/7

#dbybri  Don’t Burn Your Bra; RECYCLE IT!


We’ll promote your retail store, organization, or event through our social media channels & email announcement to our B.R.A. Members list; plus provide you a copy of the email to blast to your own list. Digital Promotions are free when purchasing with 2 Year Recycling Permits. Otherwise, add-on for nominal fee per each bin/location.

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Example of a PDF B.R.A. BRANDED Permit: CLICK HERE

General Terms and Conditions: CLICK HERE

When you have your Collection Ready: use your Promo Code for the Gaylord Shipments.