B.R.A. BRAND CERTIFICATION- refit replace recycle


check out with  # of bra’s Your Brand sold last year

Minimum 25,000 bra’s

One Year Permit 

Pre-Pay Two Years for 50% Discount!


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This is it!

Full Brand Certification

(minimum 25,000 bra’s)

for Details of Your Brand’s full License Access and User Guide: See PDF here Certification B.R.A. and LICENSE OFFER  

Highlights: Certification B.R.A. and LICENSE OFFER WHAT-YOU-GET by Level

  • Custom b.r.a + your brand downloadable Permit (pdf)
  • Certified Use of  Logo on Hangtags – or create your custom campaign using B.R.A. as your Certified Recycling Partner
  • we create a custom BRA ‘form’ for customers to Download Unlimited Brand Recycling Permits for Free
  • provide an actionable Sustainability message to customers, investors, Press and Social Media
  • All access/unlimited messages on Social Media
  • Your brand website- is licensed to create a Tab for BRA RECYCLING (SEO increases)
  • B.R.A. website to post link to  your brand
  • certification logo for polybags (online shipments)
  • Certification logo for Store Fronts and Web Stores
  • Reduced Rate for BRA BINS
  • bra PRESS RELEASE + announcement on e-mail, Text members, Facebook, Instagram & Twitte


With full Certification;   

you can invite your customers to visit your Brand to: 

Re-Fit                  Re-Place              Re-Cycle





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