Downloadable B.R.A. Carton Label + Prepaid Ship Label



Freight of Filled Carton of Bra’s, to our Recycling Facility included-

no larger than 24″ x 12″ x 12″ to avoid Rejected Shipment

allow 5 business days to Generate your PREPAID UPS Label

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Carton Label with b.r.a. Logo & your Permit # space 

+ Pre-Paid Ship Label for sending bra’s to our recycling facility

Price includes bra recycling into carpet padding

See Terms & Conditions 

fyi: Your Permit # is Your Invoice #

Maximum Allowance per carton you use, is 100 bra’s…

suggest no larger than 24″ x 12” x 12

to avoid Rejected Shipment

approximately 38% of Product Cost: UPS Freight Prepaid Label for filled cartons of bra’s to our Recycling Facility & Material Segregation 

Reduce Landfill, Waste and keep our Oceans free of your 34 D’s….

****Downloadable  Logo’ed Permit Blank Label (see top of  your invoice for downloadable link)

****Downloadable Instructions (see top of your invoice for downloadable link)

*****UPS Prepaid label arrives in 72 business hours after your purchase via e-mail

***Non-Refundable  See Terms & Conditions 

  the B.R.A. may choose to Post Your Group’s Collection Initiative Photo’s or Links on B.R.A. Social Media,B.R.A. e-mail communication(s) and/or B.R.A. Website

See Terms & Conditions 


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U.S.A., Canada


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