Gaylord Large Volume b.r.a. recycling Cartons (set-of-25)


(Freight to B.R.A. Recycling plant NOT INCLUDED)…

Certified Hollogram B.R.A. (TM) permits will be mailed to the Address you provide on your Order


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Each Set Represents 25 GAYLORD SIZED Cartons

& includes all B.R.A. recycling Services Pre-Paid

**** This Large Carton Capacity 48″ x 48″ x 48″  HOLDS APPROXIMATELY 400-500 bra’s each Carton…wow! that is our Largest Volume ever…

(1) b.r.a. Certified Gaylord Cartons (set-of-25), shipped to YOUR Facility

(allow 8 business days to arrive from date Payment Received) ***PAYPAL  Fastest Way

(2) PRICE includes all b.r.a. Recycling, Segregation, Metal Extraction and Pre-Paid B.r.a. Recycling Services into Carpet Padding

See Terms & Conditions

(3) Use of our B.R.A. Logo + ASSORTED  item #20145 PHoto’s for your Event on your Social Media, Website, Customer Outreach …Images found on this Item #

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***ONE Ship-To Address Per Order. If Mulitple Addresses, Use Multiple Orders. B.R.A. (Tm) is unable to break-up sets-of-25 Gaylord Cartons to Mulitiple Addresses.
*** Recommended for Truck Shipments only.******Truck/Freight NOT INCLUDED
Our Recommended Vendor Partner  & Trucking/Freight Facilitator for B.R.A. RECYCLING SHIPMENTS: anywhere in the U.S.A. is Universal Composites UNIVERSALCOMP@OPTONLINE.NET 631-969-1050 phone


When comparing this item #20145 Gaylord (set-of-25), be aware it might Look Deceivingly Cheaper per Bra….. – as this item does not include Trucking/Freight costs…

Other b.r.a. carton Services (#20144 & #20129)  have U.P.S. Prepaid Shipping Included in the Price, so comparison can be deceiving……want our help? e-mail

No Gel Bra’s allowable See Terms & Conditions


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