Red Carpet and B.R.A. ™ Cushion


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9′ x 3′ Recycled Red Carpet (fits under most Standard Step ‘n Repeats)

9′ x 3’ B.R.A. ™ Red Carpet Cushion (goes UNDER carpet)

Recycling Instruction Sheet (post Event recycling how-to)

Prepaid UPS label (post Event Recycling ship label)

1 B.R.A. ™ disc (peel ‘n stick onto carpet or other surface)

3 Sponsored Discs (peel ‘n stick onto carpet or other surface)

1 Sponsored Poster with Event Header (24″ x 36″)

If you have not done so, we can create a Complimentary Offering Sheet

(e-mail at and we will create a Custom Offering Sheet to your participants and potential Sponsors.

Once you have identified a Sponsor, purchase the #20101, and we will customize the Event Package for Your Event and Your Sponsor.


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