B.R.A. Recycling Agency

Green Marketing Tools

& Sustainable Fashion

Certifications, Bins, Envelopes and Event Tools

 Annuity Fashion;

Loyalty Programs, Bring-Backs & Mail-In’s for Recycling.

Your Brand trade-in’s ARE EASY with our


Brands Can choose from B.R.A. certifications as low at $.01 a bra, as well as Custom Bins to Ship To Boutiques for Customer Retention. Printed Mail-In Recycling Envelopes create RETURN TO THE BRAND and BRAND CONVERSION – our #1 Reason Brands send a BRA Custom Envelope with their Internet Sales. Many Customers CHOOSE to  RECYCLE A slew OF OLD BRA’S this way, and you can take advantage  Clever Promo Codes on the Bin or the Envelope,  to encourage new purchases and increase Brand Loyalty.  Customers LOVE the B.R.A. Envelope and typically take their Selfie to POST HASHTAGS #irecycle or #bra2carpet or #recycling, allowing your brand name an avalanche of Free Social Media Content

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